Can I change how I receive notifications?

Yes, you can choose to receive daily, weekly, or instant alerts. Select the Settings tab in the FleetMode Manager Portal. You will see the options for alert settings under Managerial Notifications section. 

Instant alerts are sent to you for each alert created by each team member.To enable or disable any instant alert, click on the desired alert notification method (email or text) to turn on or off.  

To enable an email summary of all alerts for your team in one email, you can select to turn it on with the button next to Email Alert Summary. Then, select the frequency of the alert. You can choose daily or weekly, and decide what day you would like if you choose weekly. You can also select the desired time for the alert to arrive in your email.

All summary alerts will contain data from events that occurred in the 24 hours prior to receiving the email. Real-time data is always available directly in the FleetMode Portal.

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