What are Alerts?

What is an alert? An alert is an instance of driving behavior that violates a policy. A text and/or email is sent to the appropriate manager(s). Examples of alerts:


  • Bluetooth Disabled - If Bluetooth is disabled, the SmartDot becomes disconnected from the mobile device, which eliminates the functionality of the SmartDot. If disabled and not re-enabled within 30 seconds, the appropriate manager(s) is notified.
  • Call/Text 911 - If a call or text to 911 is placed, the appropriate manager(s) is notified.
  • Disabled FleetMode while Driving - If FleetMode is turned off while you are driving, the appropriate manager(s) is notified.
  • GPS Disabled - If GPS is disabled, FleetMode cannot obtain location and therefore will not turn on. If disabled and not re-enabled within 30 seconds, the appropriate manager(s) is notified.
  • Phone accessed while driving - If the home button is pressed on an iPhone while driving, the appropriate manager(s) is notified.
  • SMS Sent while Driving - If an SMS is sent while driving, the appropriate manager(s) is notified.
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