TempGuard FAQ's

What is/are the optimum location(s) to attach the temperature beacons?

-Temperature beacons do not have a set place to be mounted, given the variance from case to case. However, it is best to put them towards the top of the case so they can measure the highest temperature.
-They should NOT be placed directly in front of a location that the air is flowing from, as this will skew the temperature.

What is the battery life of the beacon?  

-3-4 years

How many beacons do I need per cooler/fridge/freezer?

-You need one beacon per temperature zone that you will be monitoring. Ex: If an island cooler has four zones in it, you would use four beacons. If a grocery back wall is refrigerated, you would want one beacon for each individually refrigerated zone.

 Can I see other locations within I oversee the TempGuard app so I can check on those stores remotely?

-Yes. TempGuard allows you to view all locations within your account from the app, as well as the online portal. The portal contains the enterprise roll-up feature, so you can monitor all stores and filter by department/category.

 How do I define the temperature ranges?

-Temperature ranges are customizable within both the app and the portal.

 What is the max/min temperature the beacons can handle?

-TempGuard SmartDots have a readable temperature range of -50 F to 175 F.   

Can beacons be seen by the scanner through walls/coolers/etc?

-Yes. The Bluetooth signal emitted by the beacon is capable of transmitting through coolers, walls and most obstacles. The way we ensure all SmartDots are reading is by placing the Scanner Box at a location in which it is able to pick up all signals within the range of the SmartDots.

How do you attach the beacons?

-TempGuard SmartDots are adhered to any surface with 3M VHB Industrial Adhesive Tape.

 How do beacons report the temperatures to the TempGuard app on my phone?

-The TempGuard app displays all temperature zones for any store your account has access to.

 How many users can access each location?

-You are not limited to a set amount of users for any given store.

 How many Scanner Boxes do I need?

-We recommend one Scanner Box per 20 SmartDots as a general rule.

 Where do I install the scanner box?

-Scanner Boxes are best installed in an area with as few obstacles as possible, so as to maximize the range it can pick up.


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